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  • George Lamptey
    Hello, I just bought the script. How do i get the updated version 7, please?
  • Gasbygh
    Also, images and files are not using the link feature or downladble... Files and images showing like text How do I correct that?
  • hemanth
    Hello @George Lamptey go through website latest version is available
  • Gasbygh
    Thanks got it
  • Gasbygh
    Dashboard Hamburger not working on mobile devices. Also can someone help me with nested lookup? I'm creating an application form for students and I want when applicants select level of study (Vocational, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs) they should be served with the available programs automatically to select. Any help would be appreciated
  • Gasbygh
    Hello please i got this error and would need assistance: Facade\Ignition\Exceptions\ViewException htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given (View: /home4/xxxxx/
  • superadmin
    Relpied on codecanyon
  • Gasbygh
    Hello, do I have to add any code before the nested lookup will work? Because I’ve done exactly as seen on the Default Form module yet it doesn’t work.
  • Gasbygh
    Hello, each time I set required fields it throws error: undefined ID (Note: I already edited the core module forms to required) How to fix?
  • 8888post
    any github repositories?
  • master detail error, insert success but when update data cannot view master detail data